Climate change

Climate change

ESCWA supports member States better predict and adapt to the impact of climate change while sustainably managing their natural resources.

The Arab region is the world’s most water-scarce and food-import dependent region, and one of the most vulnerable to the impact of climate change. It has experienced rising average temperatures, reduced rainfall, unpredictable weather patterns, extreme weather events and increased droughts and floods.

The ESCWA Arab Centre for Climate Change Policies addresses the implications of climate change on sustainable development in the region. Drawing upon strategic partnerships, the Centre works on strengthening member States’ capacity in climate change assessment, adaptation, mitigation and negotiations, and in implementing the Paris Agreement. It provides technical assistance to facilitate building climate resilience by mainstreaming climate considerations in development planning and financing, and by designing a science-policy interface to support informed policymaking.

ESCWA also manages the Regional Initiative for the Assessment of Climate Change Impacts on Water Resources and Socio-Economic Vulnerability in the Arab Region (RICCAR), which presents a comprehensive scientific assessment of the impact of climate change on the region, and how it affects the vulnerability of key issues such as water, agriculture, natural ecosystems, human settlements and people in long-term future projections.

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