Governance & enabling environment

Governance & enabling environment

ESCWA supports the formulation of policies that help end violence and promote peaceful societies, and inclusive, efficient and accountable institutions.

The main determinant of disparities in peace, socio-political stability, development and prosperity between countries is variations in levels of institutional accountability, inclusivity and efficiency. Improving performance in socioeconomic development and achieving increased resilience to conflict requires reforming public institutions for increased effectiveness, better service delivery and accountability.

ESCWA assists member States, especially those in transition, to review their current institutional framework so as to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of government institutions through policy reforms. It addresses the institutional setups that reinforce structural challenges by stalling development and triggering conflict, such as dysfunctional service delivery, weak resilience in the face of emerging crises and poor developmental performance.

ESCWA provides guidance to policymakers to improve institutional efficiency, inclusiveness and capacity for service delivery, thus enhancing national resilience and preventing conflict eruption or relapse. Increased focus on achieving SDG 16 is key to implementing the 2030 Agenda and reducing violence in the region.

ESCWA provides also special assistance to emerging economies and developing countries to mitigate the socioeconomic and political challenges accentuated by the COVID-19 pandemic, which threaten development achievements, human life and social cohesion.

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