4 Jul 2024

Statistical business registers for Arab countries

Group photo of participants in the meeting on statistical business registers for Arab countries

Due to the urgent need to develop the capacities of Arab countries in statistical business registers (SBRs), which are becoming the backbone infrastructure to produce quality, reliable and timely economic and business statistics, ESCWA, UNSD and AITRS organized a regional workshop on SBRs for Arab countries.
The workshop, held in Amman from 25 to 27 June, aimed to provide participants with the knowledge and skills needed to deepen their understanding of the principles and methodology of SBRs, and share knowledge with the regional and national statistical authorities on the requirements of establishing and maintaining SBRs, and ways to advance work at the regional level.
The meeting provided an opportunity to share country experiences in the establishment and maintenance of SBRs, discuss the main challenges encountered by countries and explore new developments in this area.
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