Tarik H. Alami - United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia

Tarik H. Alami

Cluster 6 Lead

Tarik Alami is the Leader of the Governance and Conflict Prevention Cluster.

He has contributed, as participant and organizer, to conferences and events on a variety of topics, including the impact of conflict, political and socioeconomic development in conflict-affected countries, the SDGs, the challenges of transition and displacement, governance deficit, conflict relapse, and the occupied Palestinian territory. At ESCWA, he has held the positions of Director of the Economic Development and Globalization Division; Director of the Economic Analysis Division; and Head of the Macroeconomic Policy Unit.

Mr. Alami was a professor of Economics at the American University of Beirut from 1996 to 2004. He taught International Trade, International Finance and Advanced Microeconomics. He has published several articles, including in the Journal of Policy Modeling, the Journal of Economics and Business, the Journal of Macroeconomics, the Journal of Economic Studies, the Journal of Development and Economic Policies, and the Arab Economic Journal. He was also Assistant Executive Director at the International Monetary Fund from 1992 to 1993.

Mr. Alami holds a BA in Economics from Bir-Zeit University, State of Palestine; a MA from George Mason University in Virginia, United States of America; and a PhD in Monetary Economics from the American University in Washington DC, United States. 

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