Carol Chouchani Cherfane - United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia

Carol Chouchani Cherfane

Cluster 1 Lead

Carol Chouchani Cherfane leads the Climate Change and Natural Resource Sustainability Cluster in Beirut and directs the Arab Centre for Climate Change Policies.

Under the umbrella of the Centre, she coordinates the Regional Initiative for the Assessment of Climate Change Impacts on Water Resources and Socio-Economic Vulnerability in the Arab Region (RICCAR) through inter-agency and inter-governmental partnerships and delivers technical assistance and capacity-building support to Arab States on climate change. She also fosters and supports collaborative mechanisms, inter-agency networks and expert platforms that advance integrated approaches for achieving water, energy and food security in the region in line with sustainable development mandates across international agreements

Ms. Chouchani Cherfane previously served as Chief of the Water Resources Section for 12 years and led the Technology and Enterprise Development Team and the Private Sector and Enterprise Development Section at ESCWA. She also served as an Economic Affairs Officer in the Trade, Investment and Enterprise Development Section, with focus on the relationship between trade and environment. Prior to joining the United Nations, she worked for the Harvard Institute for International Development and the World Bank on regional environmental initiatives in the Mediterranean.

Ms. Chouchani Cherfane holds a MA in Law and Diplomacy from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy (Boston), with doctorate studies completed in the areas of Development Economics, International Environment and Resource Policy, and Law and Development.  Her undergraduate B.S.F.S. degree in International Relations and Certificate in Arab Studies is from the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service (Washington, D.C.)

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