27 Jun 2024

New report on skill diversification in the Arab region

Skill diversification in the Arab region: A pathway for economic prosperity report cover in English

With the rapid integration of technologies in the labour market, the Arab region needs to shift towards economic diversification and thus to a diversified skill set that sets the foundation for economic resilience, competitiveness and inclusive growth.
On 20 June, ESCWA launched the “Skill diversification in the Arab region: a pathway for economic prosperity” report in a virtual meeting. It addresses the issues hindering economic diversification in the region and the challenges the latter faces in the process of skill diversification.
The report also showcases the most recent findings of the ESCWA Skills Monitor, highlighting the skills that are most in demand and those that are becoming obsolete. It further analyses whether the required skills and jobs in the region address the needs of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the new era.

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