Mehrinaz El Awady - United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia

Mehrinaz El Awady

Cluster 2 Lead

Mehrinaz El Awady is the Leader of the Gender Justice, Population and Inclusive Development Cluster. She previously served as Director for the ESCWA Centre for Women. Prior to that, she was ESCWA Senior SWAP Coordinator, in charge of mainstreaming gender within the organization. She has a long record in development organization and management at the grassroots and the policy levels.

Ms. Mehrinaz El Awady. Photo: ESCWA

Prior to her career as an international civil servant, she was the Youth and Women Regional Advisor for Save the Children, where she conducted research, situation analysis and proposal development on gender-related and human rights issues in the Arab region. Before joining Save the Children, Ms. El Awady worked for several international development organizations, including the Education Development Centre, the Centre for Development and Population Activities, and Care International.

Ms. El Awady holds a Bachelor in Economics from Cairo University, a Masters in International Development from the American University in Cairo, and a PhD in Politics and International Studies from the University of Leeds, United Kingdom. Her current research areas include gender mainstreaming, combating violence against women, and gender justice in the Arab region.

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